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Summer Special Offer:  only CHF 45.- / hour   (from June 1 to July 31, 2019)

(Advanced payment:  Click on the “﹀” at the top of the page to see a drop-down Paypal menu).

Each course is custom designed for you. You may choose from any of the course content below:


Lively, realistic and practical discussions which revolve around everyday conversation, including:

 mini‐grammar explanations and tips for better pronunciation

 sample dialogues and common expressions to support a discussion ­

 supplements: authentic articles and short video clips, and useful links

 understanding the nature of spoken English

English through Songs

Close analysis of song lyrics (of your choice):

 activities using lyrics, music and video clips  (more than 360 song lyrics in my collection)

 supplemental worksheets and word games

 guidance on how to better understand spoken English

*  Intermediate (B1) level or higher.


Have lively, realistic and practical discussions:

 use any videoconferencing app of your choice

 only start paying when you say READY. Speak for 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, as you like, until you say STOP.

 cost: 50 cents per minute  (that’s up to half the cost of regular lessons with me)

 no need to take notes; I will highlight relevant language used in the lessons via email.

* Independent (B2) level or higher, with existing skills in written English.

Words in the News

Get a better understanding of the language of the press (TV, radio, and newspapers), in order to better read and understand the news:

 analyse newspaper & Internet articles

 watch short videoclips for discussion

 gain an understanding of news headlines

* Independent (B2) level or higher, with existing skills in written English.

English on the Move

 Arrange English conversation while you journey on a train (SBB) anywhere within Switzerland

 Videoconferencing —blocks of 5 minutes at the rate of CHF-0.50/minute.

Correspondence Course

at a rate of just 27.- /hour

 I correspond via email, Dropbox, Google Drive/Docs or Evernote

 Work is timed with Übertime App and a hard copy of times is sent to you

Group Lessons

If you prefer group lessons and can organise a group with 2 to 4 participants, I can travel to your location at no extra cost.

Please note that I currently also teach at several private language schools in the canton of Berne.

Feel free to contact any of these schools: BFB (Biel) , Migros Klubschule Aare, or